Sleep & Mental Focus

Having trouble sleeping or finding it hard to concentrate and focus?



This figure shows the effects of 800 mg/Day Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex on self-reported markers of mental health in 688 subjects (average age 44 years). After 15 days, subjects reported significant improvement in anxiety and apprehension (32%); mental fatigue (54%); irrational fears (54%); sleep disorders (47%); memory loss (45%); and sadness/depression (50%).

This study shows that Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex is highly effective in improving various aspects of mental health after just 15 days, without any of the toxic side effects of commercial mental health drugs.

Celergen, the world’s only Swiss Marine oral cell therapy supplement, will improve your mood, restore satisfaction in your daily activities, and renew pleasure in reconnecting with your friends and loved ones while also banishing anxiety, sleep disorders, memory loss, and depression. In other words, Celergen will enable you to lead an emotionally rich and fulfilling life.

With Celergen you can:

Lead a Rich, Fulfilling Life

Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex offers significant relief from anxiety, emotional and irrational fears, and act as a memory booster.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex banishes sleep disorders while improving your ability to concentrate and retain information.

Feel Positive and Optimistic

Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex gets rid of feelings of sadness and pessimism so you’re ready to meet life’s challenges with a positive attitude.

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