Never Look Your Age Again!

Celergen is clinically proven to rebuild your skin from the inside out by lifting and toning, improving hydration and skin thickness while also reducing lines, wrinkles, and age spots without any side effects.

Peptide E Collagen, present in Celergen, is made up of the 2 main components of outer skin layers, collagen and elastin. It is easily absorbed and is proven to rebuild skin from the inside out. Peptide M, another of Celergen’s ingredients, significantly improves the skin’s moisture balance by firming the texture and elasticity. These 2 peptides act directly on the skin, which is why people notice almost immediately that their skin looks healthier and radiant.


Repairing Your Skin at the Cellular Level

Reduces Wrinkles

Dramatically firm, tighten, and smooth your skin’s appearance while significantly reducing the look of lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, neck, and décolleté.


Celergen boosts the natural collagen synthesis by dramatically increasing density, improving elasticity, and restoring fullness, firmness, and tone.


Celergen triggers cell renewal to rejuvenate the skin’s natural radiance, hydration, and luminosity. Deeply hydrates to reduce redness due to dry skin. Improves softness and suppleness to give your skin an immediate glow.

Improves Skin Tone

Improves skin tone and reduces age spots and discolorations, leaving skin illuminated. Reconstructs damaged skin.

Prevents Aging

Prevents skin aging due to its antioxidative properties.

UV Filtering

Enforces UV filtering capacity (260 – 280nm), which is precisely the wavelength that destroys DNA in human cells.



This figure shows the effect of 2 grams/day of Peptide E Collagen given orally for 28 days on forearm wrinkles and crow’s feet in 43 healthy female volunteers, aged 40-55 years.

At 28 days, 71% of subjects in the Peptide E Collagen group showed a significant decrease in the number of deep wrinkles. The average deep wrinkle reduction was equal to 19%. On the other hand, the control group showed further damage to their skin in the same period with a significant increase in deep wrinkles by 28% in 82% of subjects.

In other words – Peptide E Collagen and Peptide M in Celergen rebuild outer skin layers from the inside out and make your skin toned, supple and well hydrated while also reducing lines, wrinkles and roughness.

Celergen, the world’s only Swiss Marine oral cell therapy supplement, helps you look and feel younger with firm, youthful and radiant skin regardless of your age – without any of the negative consequences of injectables or the expense and inconvenience and downtime of cosmetic surgery.

Restoring Your Youthful Skin

Collagen and elastin in Peptide E Collagen make your skin beautiful and radiant by rebuilding it from the inside out.

Hydrated, Firmer Skin

Peptide M keeps your skin well hydrated and supple, removing rough and mottled patches.

Eliminate Lines and Wrinkles

Peptide E Collagen and Peptide M make skin thicker, lifting and toning slack areas to reduce lines and wrinkles.

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